Spiritual Direction

Be still Spiritual Direction is soul-tending; a spiritual director is someone who offers a listening presence and gentle guidance as you seek to discern the stirrings of the Spirit in your life, to grow in self-knowledge, and to become the person you truly are.

Typically you will have monthly sessions where you are invited to explore your spiritual growing edges. This may include conversation, ritual, exploring dreams, silence, or prayer/meditation; you might write a poem or draw a dream image. Inviting a holy presence to be with you, you and your spiritual director recognize a sacred dimension to your time together.

You might discuss difficult personal issues with a spiritual director, but spiritual direction is neither therapy nor coaching; your sessions will be less about healing or solving problems and more about listening for the voice of the Spirit that will guide you and give you the strength to move through bumpy times. Spiritual Direction is also less about trying to be a successful person and more about understanding your gifts and your shadows. Your focus is on living the life that is meant to live in you.

To enter a relationship of spiritual direction is to embark upon an inner adventure of self-knowing, discernment, and spiritual growth. As you begin this journey, you may ask, “How will I know that the Spirit is with me?”

You will know because you will be led to places you did not plan to go.

Am I the right spiritual director for you? I invite you to read more about me and my approach to spiritual direction in the posts on this site, “Spiritual Direction for Mystical Non-Believers” and “If You Don’t Pray, What do You Do?” Although I am quite comfortable working with people who have a more traditional concept of God, I suspect that I am most gifted working with people who are on a less traditional path. As a minister with over 35 years of experience, I am a skilled, wise, and perceptive listener. I listen. I ask questions. I listen. I ask questions. I listen. And in the process, you are listening, too.

If you live near me, I would be pleased to meet with you and explore the possibilities of working with you. Currently, I only do sessions on Skype, phone, or another network such as FaceTime or Zoom. Zoom is preferred for its reliability and you can download a free app if you do not have it already. Most people I work with are in other states or countries. If you wish to arrange for spiritual direction by phone or Zoom, please read the post about “Spiritual Direction Across the Miles.” If you are a ministerial student, you may request a student discount on the fee. Currently the fee is $75/hour. If you pay four sessions in advance, that is discounted to $290 for four sessions.

I am pleased to meet with you for no charge for a half hour conversation to help both of us discern whether or not this would be a good working relationship. Then you can opt for up to four sessions before making a longer term commitment and entering an agreement together. My job is to help you grow in self-knowledge, which includes your sense of who will be the person to journey with you. I am never offended if someone opts to work with someone else.

I am a member of the Unitarian Universalist Spiritual Directors Network (http://www.uusdn.org/sarah_york.html).