Rolling Away the Stone

I have had several requests this week from Unitarian Universalist colleagues who are planning virtual services for Easter and want to use a responsive reading that is published in the UU Hymnal. Apparently there is an issue with permission for virtual services that does not apply to regular Sunday services.

Anyway, I just read the selection, “Rolling Away the Stone,” in the context of our current circumstances, and decided that this may be a good time to share it more widely. Here it is, with permission to use as you wish during this week when many of us may be seeking to find balance between the tomb of the soul where we are nourished and the tomb of the soul where we retreat in fear.


Rolling Away the Stone

In the tomb of the soul, we carry secret yearnings, pains, frustrations, loneliness, fears, regrets, worries.

In the tomb of the soul, we take refuge from the world and its heaviness.

In the tomb of the soul, we wrap ourselves in the security of darkness.

Sometimes this is a comfort. Sometimes it is an escape.

Sometimes it prepares us for experience. Sometimes it insulates us from life.

Sometimes this tomb-life gives us time to feel the pain of the world and reach out to heal others. Sometimes it numbs us and locks us up with our own concerns.

In this season where light and dark balance the day, we seek balance for ourselves.

Grateful for the darkness that has nourished us, we push away the stone and invite the light to awaken us to the possibilities within us and among us—possibilities for new life in ourselves and in our world.

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  1. Mary Jane Gandour says:


    Loved both this piece and your 50th anniversary write-up. Both very meaningful!
    Happy Easter and be well!

    Mary Jane

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