Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump: It’s a No-Brainer

I have been thinking a lot about the two major candidates in the 2016 Presidential race, and here are a few of my observations as I compare them on some of the issues.

I am a woman who has lived through and benefited from over fifty years of progress in Women’s Rights. When I entered Harvard Divinity School in 1979 to study for the ministry, I did not know even one woman minister. A woman as President of the U.S. was unimaginable. I will gleefully cast my vote with deep gratitude for the first woman to run for President of the United States. Yes, she is part of the current political system, which is broken. But why would I vote for a man who “cherishes” women and wants to make America great again. To what era does he want to return?  Clearly it is not one where a woman could even consider becoming a minister or running for the highest office in the land.

Hillary is not the lesser of two evils. Far from it. She is a woman of dignity, strength, courage, leadership, and resilience. Those who know her testify to her warmth, authenticity, and sense of humor.  I’d rather have a President who submits to scrutiny, admits her regrets and is open to learning from mistakes than a person who calls any system that does not benefit him “rigged.” I prefer a leader who has endured investigation after investigation by political opponents and the FBI (and been exonerated) to a candidate who believes that a judge who was born in the U.S. is unqualified to hear a fraud case against Trump University because he has Mexican heritage. I will cast my vote for a woman whose husband’s charitable foundation requested special favors from the State Department (e.g. seating people next to one another at a dinner) rather than support a man who used his charitable donations to contribute to the campaign of the Florida Attorney General…the Attorney General, that is, who later chose not to pursue complaints of fraud against Trump University.

I do not own a gun, but I respect the rights of others to own guns. I favor legislation that limits them to owning weapons that are not designed to kill humans…especially a whole lot of humans in a few seconds. I am voting for a President who is more moderate than I but does not view this issue as all or nothing, and who wants to address the current plague of gun violence. Hillary Clinton has no desire to eliminate constitutional rights. Trump, however, distorts her views and exaggerates the divide while insidiously inciting his supporters to consider assassinating his opponent.

Both of the major candidates are of an age where health can be an issue. The Presidency is a demanding job, and it will take its toll on anyone who takes office. But I would sooner have a Commander-in-Chief with good judgment who occasionally governs from a hospital room than a xenophobic nationalist with his healthy trigger-happy hand on the nuclear holocaust button.

And let’s talk about who is more trustworthy. I haven’t seen the evidence for the vague claims of deceipt against Hillary. Her reputation of dishonesty seems to be based on lies that have been repeated so much that people believe them. Of course, by virtue of being a politician, she is naturally suspect. Trump, on the other hand, has callously left a trail of discarded victims after four bankruptcies…particularly small businesses that had trusted his business acuity and were left holding the bag. And why should anyone trust a candidate who accused our current President of falsifying his birth information…who, after five years of promoting the birther conspiracy, then glibly pointed to Hillary as the guilty party? Yes, I trust the candidate who joined the President’s cabinet and served the country over the candidate who based his conspiracy theory on lies and will not apologize. I also trust the candidate who has released her tax returns over the one who obviously has something to hide.

And speaking of public service…. Hillary Clinton’s resume of serving the ideals of her country and her faith is far too extensive to itemize here. Donald Trump’s is a huge blank page. Clinton has a lifetime record of working on behalf of human rights, racial equality, affordable health care, child welfare, environmental issues, and international good will. Trump has a record of demeaning the disabled, publically assuming that African Americans are stuck in the gutter, threatening to exile Mexican-Americans and ban Muslims, promising to abolish the Affordable Healthcare Act (for no plausible reason and with no alternative plan), and denying the effects of global climate change. While Hillary is respected among world leaders, Trump is a laughingstock and their worst nightmare.

And now on to the debates. May the candidate who is highly qualified, truly understands the issues, and knows the system well enough to use it to address needed changes speak her truth. May the candidate who believes he can “fix” the country single-handedly be exposed for the unfit imposter that he is.

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  1. Mary Jane Gandour says:

    Yes, on to the debates! Thank you so much for pulling all these thoughts together in such a cogent manner, Sarah! Thoughts many of us of your generation (and other generations!) have had, but you organized and expressed them so eloquently. I plan to hit my forward button this morning.

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