A pre-blog blog from a non-blogging blogger

“When did you stop blogging? I thought maybe you had died.” These were sobering words from a reader who had visited my web site and wanted to talk to me about my book Remembering Well: Rituals for Celebrating Life and Mourning Death.

I didn’t really stop, I told him. I just took a sabbatical.

So today I was taking a goat-milk bath (what else do you do with milk that is past its prime for making cheese?) and thinking about not blogging. I’m not going to offer any excuses. I just took a break…and then I thought I would write about gun violence, but there were so many people already saying what I had to say, and they were writing for The New York Times. And then I took a class on “Writing Memoir” and nothing I had to say was fit for public consumption. And then we had goat babies—lots of them—and their moms had to be milked and the milk had to be converted into a year’s supply of cheese.

But now we are starting to dry off the milkers and I am getting a whiff of freedom. The extravagant goat-milk bath (my first) gave me time to think about blogging again…maybe. This is, after all, a pre-blog blog. With a limited time for writing, I am also revisiting a period in my ministerial career when I served a congregation where the previous minister had engaged in extensive sexual misconduct. Having taken over ten years to work through some painful experiences from the last chapter of that eight-year ministry, I think I may have something to say that might be helpful to others. So if I actually start writing a book, blogging may get short shrift for another year or so.

At least now you know that this non-blogging blogger isn’t dead yet.

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  1. C. C. Cedras says:

    Yes, but how was the goat milk bath? It sounds decadent and like a ton of effort to prepare.

    Anyway, you have been missed.

    • sarahyork says:

      No effort to prepare…unless you count feeding the goat and milking the goat and schlepping the two-gallon tote up the hill from the barn. Decadent indeed….

  2. Ann McLellan says:

    Glad to know you are still there, Sarah! I used to enjoy your blogs, so will be watching for them, if you do find time. I love hearing about the goats, and you are an excellent writer, so whatever you decide to write will be worthwhile, I’m sure.

  3. nancy dillingham says:

    Sarah, good luck with writing your book–I would love to read it–and await more of your blogging.

  4. Sheridan says:

    How lovely all those baby goats! But I can appreciate the hard work required.
    I thought goat’s milk soap was a luxury, but a bath – that is something.
    As for your writing – anytime, anyway and anything you write is welcome and a blessing.

  5. Carol Taylor says:

    I vote for the book. (Not that you asked.)

  6. Patricia Dennis says:

    Hey!!! Good to hear from you!! I totally understand. I took a sabbatical from friends and family on Facebook. Family had a slight hissy fit. Oh well. I needed to “get away”. That’s an “Emmmmmn” about the milk bath. Lucky you!

  7. Linda Topp says:

    Always good to hear when a friend isn’t dead yet. Whew!

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