Election 2012: Patsy Gives Me Hope

Early voting starts here in three days. I have avoided posting political stuff on social media. I figure my husband, Chuck Campbell, does enough for both of us. As Treasurer for Patsy Keever’s campaign for Congress, he is more than a little bit involved. I have done my part behind the scenes. (And someone has to do the laundry.)

But I need to post something now, because Patsy gives me hope. When I get disgusted with our political system, Patsy gives me hope. When I want to give up on obstructionists in Congress who care more about their political party than their country, Patsy give me hope. When I wonder if any politician can tell the truth, Patsy gives me hope.

I have known Patsy well for over 35 years. So I know this: Patsy is the real thing, the genuine article—a true human being. Truly good. Truly honest. Truly caring. And if you must know, she is also a lot of fun. Maybe that is her secret. She is very serious about her work…and she knows how to enjoy her friends and family and live a real life. 

I met Patsy’s husband, John, at the Red Cross over cookies and juice after we had donated blood. Patsy was in the hospital after having given birth to their second daughter. A few months later, Patsy and Johnny invited us to their church, and when we didn’t go, they invited us to the young couples  group pool party. Yes, it was Patsy who got me into the Unitarian Universalist Church…via the party door.

So we raised kids, weathered our mid-life crises, grieved family deaths, and have journeyed together into our senior years. The campaigner on YouTube is the teacher who presided for the League of Women Voters and served on the County Board of Supervisors; the candidate on TV is the same Patsy who retired from teaching to care for Johnny in his final months; the smile we see on Facebook is the same one she has for her grandchildren and her husband Jim.

I know there must be others out there. You know, real people who aren’t in this for themselves…true public servants willing to run for office in a system that rewards greed and dirty tactics. I could be wrong (I hope I am), but I suspect that Patsy’s opponent, Patrick McHenry, will come up soon with some lies and deceptions in an attempt to characterize Patsy as a radical abortion-loving, tax-levying liberal who wants to destroy the institution of marriage.  He is backed by the banks and big money, and can outspend her many times over. Patsy’s campaign runs mostly on money from ordinary people. The national Democratic Party doesn’t even contribute.

So yes, I dread hearing lies told about my dear friend. More than that, I fear that good people will believe the lies and vote against their own interests. But Patsy still gives me hope…because she is a true human being, and she is out there every day on behalf of a better way. 

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  1. Mary says:

    Thanks, Sarah. I’ve shared this with my FB friends.

  2. Patricia Dennis says:

    Sarah, this should be sent to the newspapers……maybe in “letters to the editor”. It needs to be more public. It was such a beautiful tribute. I don’t know her, but your words made me feel as if I did (indeed, I would love to get to know her). And don’t forget, the “dark” side doesn’t like the light. But the light casts the darkness aside and shows whats in the corners. I do (and will) believe that the goodness in people like Patsy will come thru. Americans are tired of the muddiness that’s in DC. Patsy is that ray of light that will help others in DC.

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