Too Many Goats!

It is becoming a mantra. Every morning after five does have filed into the milking parlor and hopped up on the stand to be milked and fed, I mumble to myself, “Too many goats! We have too many goats!” Pouring the milk into gallon containers, I mutter, “Too much milk; we have too much milk.” Then when I walk into the stalls, which are sprinkled liberally with goat berries of various sizes, I mumble again, “Too many goats; we have too many goats.”  

Chuck doesn’t agree with me, of course. He cleans out the stalls twice a day without complaint. He wants a herd, and I agree that eleven does browsing in the pasture or treading like deer through the forest strike a more satisfying pastoral scene than four or five.

Yes, eleven. In addition to five milking does, we have six adorable doelings ranging in age from seven weeks to four months; also three very sweet bucklings who are confined to a much smaller fenced area.

So that makes it a total of fourteen goats. That’s about eight or nine too many. Actually three is my favorite number, but I told Chuck six is the limit.

Now we have to decide who to sell. The bucks all have to go; we do not have adequate facilities for them. We will sell two—maybe three—does in milk, and three or four of the doelings.  They are all beautiful and sweet and we love each one.

I love raising goats, and the babies are pure joy. But now comes the hard part: finding homes for some of our precious kids…and saying good-bye.


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  1. Chuck C Campbell says:

    8 or 9???

  2. Brenda Bell says:

    Good luck with selling your goats. They are hard for me to part with also.
    I still don’t have a buck and am not sure if I am getting one this year or waiting until next year.

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