A Meditation for Worriers

This meditation goes with a chant that I learned while I was on a pilgrimage in Nepal. When I do this in a Sunday service, I sing each verse line by line and the congregation sings each line after me. After a spoken meditation and brief silence, we sing it through once more, line by line. It also works without the chant or as a personal meditation.  


CHANT:         I am moving

                    on a journey to nowhere,

                    taking it easy,

                   taking it slow.

                   No more hurry,

                   not even a worry;

                   nothing to carry,

                    let it all go.


Spoken Meditation:

Let it all go …

Not so easy, is it? Let us take a few moments for letting go, so that we may more fully engage ourselves in the fullness of our living.

Holy Spirit of Life, we come into this time full of worries,

We worry about making mistakes, forgetting important things;

We worry about paying bills and making money;

We worry about the people we love, especially if they are sick or going through times of loss or hardship.

We worry about people we know who are suffering because of unfair circumstances, and about people we don’t know, too.

We worry about our country and health care and the economy and we worry about war and terror.

We worry mostly about things we cannot control, which is mostly everything.

And we worry that we worry too much.

So here we are, surrounded by other worriers. And because we share our burdens and care for one another, we pause to let go of what we cannot change. We ask for the power and strength to worry less and do more to change what we can.

As we let go of our worries, we invite love and healing into our hearts, into our community, and into our world. We offer our prayerful thoughts for people who suffer—people close to us in this room and people far away on the other side of the world.

We open our hearts to be filled with gratitude for this earth, for the beauty of flowers, for kind people; for music, for children and friends, and for the pulse of life in our bodies at this very moment.

We invite the silence now to be an empty space where the spirit speaks to us with a whisper of healing and hope, with a balm of peace and joy.

So may it be.


2 Responses so far.

  1. Patricia Dennis says:

    I LOVE this meditation!! You hit the nail right on the head . . . at lest for me.
    Sometimes my brain won’t be quite and I’ll repeat the Lords prayer over and over until I don’t know when, but I fall asleep saying it. Now I have something else to say. I will use this meditation and put it to good use. Thanks so much!
    And yes, I’m a worry wart as my mom used to say about herself. And that is one more thing that I’d like to not use that is my mom’s. Don’t get me wrong. My mom was great. There are just some things that I don’t have to carry on, if you will. Some stuff I’ll keep and others I have and will let go of. Anyway! Thanks for your insight. Thanks for being here when I’m here! Thanks for being! ;0

  2. Rose Hood says:

    Beautiful. Thank you, Sarah!

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